Our Gold Express service turns
old gold into new cash fast!

With today’s rising prices, there has never been a better time to sell gold. That’s why Cash Canada is willing to pay top dollar for gold items. IF IT'S GOLD WE WANT IT! We want all used, new or broken gold, chains, rings, earrings, bracelets and much more. If you’ve got the gold, we’ve got the cash. We make it easy. You can order your Gold Express Kit online, call our Gold Express hotline, or come into one of our locations for a free, no obligation, valuation from our Gold Express experts.

Please note: Cash Canada will only provide a cheque for online pawn. Please visit one of our Cash Canada locations if you would like to pawn for cash.

  • You may have hundreds, even thousands of dollars lying around, waiting to be turned into cash!
  • We pay top dollar in cash or by direct deposit to your bank account so you don’t even need to come into a store.
  • You can order your Express Gold Kit online and take 3 easy steps to get cash.
  • Bring your gold into any Cash Canada location for a secure and speedy valuation.
  • Call our Express Gold hotline to get an instant connection and information.
  • If you don’t want to sell, remember our Pawn Guys lend more for gold.

Visit us in Person

Cash Canada is Certified to Say Yes to paying cash for gold online and providing our exclusive Gold Express service from any one of our 40 pawn shop and payday loan store locations. Find the store nearest you by clicking our store locator tab.

Free gold Express Kit

Free Gold Express Kit—Order Online Now

Get your Free Gold Express Kit online right now. The kit contains all the information and materials you need to turn your old gold into new cash in three easy steps.
Step one: Send your old scrap gold to us in a secure Gold Express Pack.
Step two: We agree on a purchase price.
Step three: We pay you top dollar in cash or deposit a cheque into your bank account.
Step four: is totally up to you.

Gold Express Drop Off Or Pick Up

Gold Express Drop-off or Pickup

Cash Canada is Certified to Say Yes to helping you get cash for your gold in every one of our 40 Cash Canada Financial pawn shops and payday loan stores. Bring your gold into any location, and our Associates will provide you with a receipt for the gold. They will send it (on your behalf) to our Express Buyers for prompt evaluation and offer. There is no charge or obligation for the service. All locations are listed on this website. Our Gold Express service will even pick up your gold and drop off the cash in select markets.

We Pay Top Dollar

We pay top dollar. Find out what your gold is worth with no obligation and no hassle. Apply on line now for your Express Gold Buying Kit

What Kinds Of Gold Do We Purchase

What kinds of gold do we purchase?

We purchase gold in all forms. We evaluate it and pay for it based only on the purity of the gold. The higher quality the gold is, the more we pay you for it. Please be sure to remove any precious stones or gems that you wish to keep. Their weight and value will not be included in the purchase price and cannot be returned once we make a deal.

Call Our Gold Express Line

Gold Express Hotline

You can speak to our Gold Express buyer by calling 1(855) 424-1080 during business hours. They can give you answers, advice, and insights into the current value of your gold. If you call after hours, just leave a message and our Gold Guy will call you back the very next business day.
(Business hours: Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm MST)

Gold Buying

  • Cash Canada’s Gold Express Service is a fast way to get top dollar for your gold items. We want all used, new or broken gold, chains, rings, earrings, bracelets and much more. If you’ve got gold, you’ve got cash—it’s as simple as that.
  • Order your online Gold Express Kit
  • Transactions are confidential and secure
  • Large or small, we buy it all
Certified to say yes!

When you need a loan to bridge the gap, there is only one thing you want to hear: Yes! We get it, yes is a powerful word that makes things happen and moves things forward. Yes is not about the past, it’s all about now. That’s why our frontline employees receive comprehensive training and insights to become Certified to Say Yes. They are dedicated to using every option, product, and resource available to find a way to say yes to you—anytime and every time you need cash.