We Pawn, Buy and Sell Gold and Jewelry

Cash Canada is the best place to pawn, sell, or buy your gold and jewelry for many reasons. First and foremost we are experts in the field. Our associates are trained to know about gold and jewelry.

Each of our stores features a precious metal analyzer to accurately evaluate the value of any item that comes into the store. We want to be sure you get true value. If it’s worth more you’ll get more.

More More For Gold

Want To Pawn Gold?

Cash Canada Pawn Lends More For Gold And Jewelry

Gold and precious metals are high value pawn items. Unlike instruments, tools, and electronics, gold is a commodity. It always has re-sale value, either as a lovely piece of jewelry or as scrap to be melted down and reused for another purposes. The amount of a pawn depends on the resale value of the item pawned. Gold maintains its value therefore brings higher loan amounts.

Huge Retail Selection

With 15 stores and growing we are the largest chain of pawn shops in Canada. Because of our size and volume, our jewelry counters are always brimming with a fantastic selection of men’s and women’s gold and jewelry priced to sell.


Want To Sell Your Gold?

Cash Canada Pays Top Dollar For Gold!

We pay top dollar to buy all kinds of gold. From gold bracelets, gold necklaces, and rings to mismatched earrings and broken chains. If it’s made of gold, and you want to part with it, we’ll make you a nice offer.

Free Analysis of Your Precious Metals

Every Cash Canada Pawn shop features a hi-tech precious metals analyzer. The process is totally non-invasive and almost instant. We simply place the ring, necklace or bracelet in the analyzer and within seconds a report shows us the exact weight and specific composition of the metal. Find out what your stuff is worth for free. 

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