A pawn loan puts cash in your
pocket to help you bridge the gap

A pawn loan is like any conventional collateral loan except it can be tailored exactly to your needs and your stuff. The process is simple, bring your stuff to a store along with valid ID, or apply on-line with the items you want to pawn. Our guys will say yes to your loan request based upon the value of your stuff. The more valuable it is the more you can borrow. We then safely store your stuff for up to 30 days until the loan becomes due. When you pay off the loan, you get your stuff back. PLUS when you pay out your loan and pick up your stuff you'll get a $10 gift certificate which is good towards any purchase of $20 or more!

  • Our Guys want to be your guys so much that they will lend you 10% more than the other guys on the same item guaranteed! And your loan is FREE!
  • We lend more for quality portable electronics, video games, flat screens, gold and jewellery. The more valuable your stuff is, the more we will lend.
  • Confidential free home pick up and private consultations are available for higher value items. We will pick up your stuff and bring the cash right to your door.
  • Convenient re-payment options include paying the loan back in full, extending the loan where you can pay only for the extra days needed, or our exclusive pay-it-down program.
  • 24-hour loans are always FREE. If you need some cash just for a day why not get it from one of Our Guys for no charge?
  • Our Guys give you the loyal treatment with every loan including discounts, layaway privileges, and advance notice of sales.

Visit us in Person

Cash Canada Financial offers pawn loans, clearance sales, and cheque cashing in 15 Alberta locations. Find the one nearest you by searching our store locator tab.

Pickup Service

At home pickup service

If you prefer not to come into a store, or if you have a large item to transport, Our Guys will be happy to come right to your door, pick up your stuff, and drop off the cash. We also offer confidential consultation on loans for high value items, like jewellery or vehicles. Contact us online or call 1(855) 424-1080.

Pre-Paid Credit Cards

Pre-paid Credit Cards

Your pawn loan can be loaded onto a pre-paid credit card that will give you control of your cash for ATM withdrawals, bill payments, and retail purchases. It’s convenient to use and can be reloaded with each pawn loan you take out. Pre-paid credit cards can also be purchased individually.

What Can I Pawn?

What Can I Pawn?

We can approve a pawn loan for almost any item of any value that is in reasonable condition. Commonly pawned items include electronics, cameras, computers, gold and jewellery, tools, sports equipment, collectibles, watches, quality clothing, house wares, DVDs, and more. You can pawn more than one item at a time. Basically, if you’ve got stuff, you’ve got a loan.

The Loyal Treatment

The Loyal Treatment

Our Guys want all your business. They are prepared to earn it by offering you more value, benefits, deals, and loyalty than all those other guys. When you deal with us, you can PUT any item on layaway for just $10 at the time of your loan, and we'll even lend you the money. When you extend your loan, we'll give you 25% off any item in the store.

pawn loans

  • The Pawn Princess says: “My guys are your guys, and they will give you more. If you’ve got stuff, then you’ve got a loan. Cash Canada says yes to you where you are now. Count on my guys to be there for you.”
  • Our Guys give you the loyal treatment every time
  • We lend more for high value items
  • Our Guys are trained and Certified to Say Yes
Certified to say yes!

When you need a loan to bridge the gap, there is only one thing you want to hear: Yes! We get it, yes is a powerful word that makes things happen and moves things forward. Yes is not about the past, it’s all about now. That’s why our frontline employees receive comprehensive training and insights to become Certified to Say Yes. They are dedicated to using every option, product, and resource available to find a way to say yes to you—anytime and every time you need cash.